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A great query came through this morning:

Hey Nick, I have a question for you. We’re going through some org changes, and have put together a DevOps team. Traditionally, we’ve only had an Ops team. Right now, the DevOps team is made up of devs, and the idea is for them to work collaboratively with the Ops team (but Ops is still a separate team). Is that how most other organizations structure their DevOps team? Or is it more common for the DevOps team to be made up of both devs and ops people?


My response:

Morning Chris,

When I see this working well it is always Dev *and* Ops. Or, you put Ops on the product team and make everyone responsible for the shared definition of done – similar to incorporating QA, just extending the Definition of Done through to production.

At the end of the day the name doesn’t matter so much as the individuals working together. A shared definition of done really helps drive that alignment and collaboration.

How are things otherwise? Are the teams delivering frequently? What is the goal of the DevOps team vs the Ops team (as it stands today)?

Is your VP Eng on board?

Thanks Chris,

This is based on what I have seen from visiting other Atlassian customers. I am keen to get your thoughts.

How is your approach to continuous delivery and DevOps structured? Share your views in the comments below.