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November 3, 2012

Gosh, this is going to be a busy month!

SF Culture Con, November 7
Next week there is a special event hosted by the fine folks at Dyn Inc, Culture Con. I hear it was a huge success over in New Hampshire and now they are bringing it to SF city. Looking forward to it.

QCon SF, November 5 – 9
We’ve also got QCon on in San Francisco next week. Lots of excellent speakers. Highly recommended.

SF StartUP Product Talks, November 13
The following week we’re hosting another SF StartUP ProductTalks meetup at Atlassian. Ron Lichty is speaking, should be killer.

SF Agile Marketing, November 27
Finally, we will close out the month with SF Agile Marketing. Paul WIllard, CMO at Atlassian, will be speaking on Growth Hacking. One not to miss.

Come for one, or join them all, I hope to see you there.

Have a suggestion for another event that folks should get to this month? Tweet me and let me know.

Rakuten Technology Conference 2012

Next week I am speaking at Rakuten Technology Conference 2012, I will be sharing the Atlassian story of Agile and Innovation. I’m really excited to be attending this event as Rakuten is a fascinating company. I strongly encourage you to learn more about them by reading this excellent Wired article about Rakuten and their founder. Read it now, how can you not with an image like this?!


Hiroshi Mikitani, Rakuten Founder

Rakuten first came to my attention when I met Yasunobu Kawaguchi of Rakuten at SF Agile in June of this year. Yasunobu was visiting with Taichi Watanabe, a colleague from Rakuten. They were both in town to learn more about Agile.

We bumped into one another again at Agile 2012 in August of this year. This time Yasunobu had brought 20 or 30 friends from other companies in Japan. Amazing to see the impact on the Agile space in Japan that this one man is having!

Agile is Japan is poised to take off. I’m sure of it.

If you are in Tokyo next week. Ping me and say hello, we’ve got an Atlassian User Group on as well as a few other bits and pieces.


I didn’t get around to taking notes for this one. Watch the video though, that is enough. Glen Lipka is an awesome presenter and this was a solid presentation.

Next Steps: Review the past SF StartUP ProductTalk content for more great insight into product management for startups. The writeup from Rich Mironov’s session in May is a must read and you’ll also want to watch the Dan Olsen video from June.