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1) Visualising Epics and Dependencies in JIRA with the GreenHopper Rapid Board

Visualise company strategic goals in JIRA and manage dependencies between various teams with JIRA and GreenHopper. Then follow on with part 2: Using the Epic Workflow in GreenHopper.

2) Best Practices in Startup Product Management

Some startups may code things as they are just plain cool. They are building a solution without necessarily identifying a customer problem first. When you are really clear on the problem space it will help identify a solution, it will also help identify any competitors.

3) Kanban Software Development with GreenHopper

A thorough walkthrough of a team that uses an approach to being Agile called Kanban to manage their work day to day and optimise flow through the team.

4) Building a Strong Product Culture

How does a product manager ensure that they are going to have happy reference customers for the MVP? Define success upfront. Build a hypothesis that you want to test and specify the success criteria prior to writing any code.

5) Telling Better Stories with User Story Mapping

User Story Mapping helps you tell the whole story of your product, while still breaking stories down into manageable chunks that will fit within an iteration.

6) Essential Reading for Founders, Development Managers and Agile Marketers

This is like a hackers guide to levelling up in the software development world. If you don’t know a lot about Agile, software development practices or customer development read through the following books and you’ll be conversational.

7) Takeaways from Culture Con 2012

Business managers should be looking at people today as they looked at factory machinery in the 20th century – as a tangible asset that lives on their Balance Sheet, as opposed to an expense that is only present on the P&L.