Be an Agile Startup

UPDATE: Became a dad (yay!) and time is precious. Only working with existing contacts at present. Cheers, Nick

There has never been a better time to go Agile, to be Agile. Whether you are in Pune or Portland, a Lean Startup or in the Enterprise, you now have every reason to be Agile.

I set aside four hours each week to answer your questions – to mentor startups primarily – that want to be agile.

You may face questions along the journey to being Agile. I know I had many during my journey. Over the past few years I have been very fortunate, having had the opportunity to work with the amazing @GreenHopperTeam and @JIRA teams at Atlassian and now some fantastic people at Twitter. I’ve also worked with many wonderful Atlassian customers.

My key experience is in the following areas: scrum, kanban, agile, DevOps, customer development, innovation, product management, product marketing, validation, lean startup. Happy to talk about other topics too.

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If it sounds like a chat may be helpful for you, then let’s grab a coffee.

I’m looking forward to our chat already!

Cheers, Nick