Agile Australia, June 2011

April 21, 2011

Shortly after I return from Atlassian Summit I will be presenting at Agile Australia which is taking place on June 15 and 16. Tickets are still available so I recommend you get in quick. The keynote speaker is Alistair Cockburn so I think tickets will be snapped up!

Be the change you seek

Empowering engineers is the first step in any successful innovation program. In this talk Nicholas will share the successes and failures of Australian software company Atlassian’s innovation program. Using intrinsic motivation enabled Atlassian to develop agile teams that take responsibility, take action, improve their craft and drive innovation. The Atlassian innovation program has delivered great advances to customers (both internal and external) through activities such as 20% time and FedEx days.

CIO’s and Project Managers will leave this talk equipped with the know how to implement innovation programs in their own organisations, including steps to start your own quarterly FedEx day and considerations for allocating 20% time.

Keep an eye out for the slides and video which will be posted here once I have presented.

UPDATE: Slides from Agile Australia 2011 – Nicholas Muldoon – Be the change you seek are now available.