Agile China 2011 – Be the change you seek

July 28, 2011

In early September I will be up in Beijing presenting Be the change you seek at Agile China 2011. This is exciting for me for two reasons, 1) it is my first trip to China and 2) it is great to see people are interested in the talk I gave at Agile Australia back in June.

The theme of the conference is Fearless Change. It is great to see Jeff Smith from Suncorp on the program as I reckon that is one of the largest agile transformations in Australia. In a few years we may be talking and exploring the current agile transformation at Telstra.

What are the other big agile transformations taking place in Australia? Who else demonstrates fearless change?

Hope to see you at Agile China in September. If you can suggest any art galleries please let me know.