Agile China 2011 Wrap Up

September 3, 2011

This has been a brilliant week in Beijing, so much cool stuff going on in this small town (only 20 million folks…). I was fortunate enough to visit some awesome local companies while here for Agile China 2011:

  • Yottaa, a SaaS service that specialises in website performance and optimisation.
  • Sina, think Twitter, CNN, Blogger, Yahoo and more all rolled into one. Over 200  million registered users!
  • LeTV, a Chinese version of Apple TV / iTunes. Over 200 million viewers every day!
  • XBOsoft, providing testing and quality assistance to global software companies.
While at the conference I met some local teams, many of which are still grappling with how to start an agile transformation. Plenty of CMMI / Waterfall teams here in Beijing from the conversations I have had. Very encouraging to see so many eager folks at the conference though!
My recommendation: get to Beijing, see what is going on in China, when agile takes off here it is going to be HUGE.

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  1. I don‘t think Beijing is a small town~~haha