Storyboard for GreenHopper

January 5, 2012

2016 Update: Forget about my attempt below and try this user story mapping add-on for JIRA.

Try User Story Map for JIRA

Inspired by conversations with customers, internal story mapping sessions, and Story Mapper for Pivotal Tracker, I decided to have a crack at making my own story mapping add on for GreenHopper. The result was StoryBoard for GreenHopper.

Long story short:

  • it was a great learning experience
  • the GreenHopper team could whip up something infinitely better
  • it looks awful and doesn’t do all that I want it to
At any rate, it was fun. Now, on to 2012!
UPDATE: I rewrote this with Atlassian OnDemand in mind. Although I didn’t quite get there. You can find the source over on Bitbucket.

2 responses to Storyboard for GreenHopper

  1. Awesome Nick! I can’t wait to give this a shot…. fantastic and I’ll be sure to contribute to your @ToDo 😉

    • It is nothing to get excited about Randall, certainly not very usable at present. A long way to go before there would be any value.

      Although a good proof for remote apps in an OnDemand world I think.