Atlassian User Group – February 9, San Francisco

February 19, 2012

Just a quick wrap up on the first AUG in the new Atlassian office in San Francisco:

  • There were a bunch of people, 80 or 90 odd – super turnout!
  • Lots of hands went up when I asked about GreenHopper users.
  • Not as many people using GreenHopper for Kanban as I expected.

It left me wondering two things:

  • How quickly are you, our GreenHopper customers, able to adopt the latest version?
  • Are other teams in your organisation picking up Agile practices from the software development teams?
  • How do we spread Kanban into sales, support and operations teams? They should all be using GreenHopper!

Your thoughts welcome in the comments below. If you have any queries about GreenHopper best to add those to Agile Answers.