SprintZero – The Physics of Agile Marketing

June 6, 2012

This is nifty – next Monday I’ll be on a panel with Jim Ewel of Agile Marketing and a few other folks. We’re all trying to introduce Agile practices to marketing organisations, there are still a tonne of unanswered questions that we need to address.

SprintZero aims to “bring together marketers who are passionate about Agile and incorporating into their marketing practices.” This is new territory for me – I’ve been in the Agile space a number of years yet marketing for only a few short months.

I will share my experience on moving from an Agile software development environment to a reactive marketing team. Then I’ll be looking to other panelists and the audience to tackle these questions:

  • How do we market features when we can not see/play/screenshot them until the day before they go live?
  • How do our customers keep up to date with our latest releases? Can they consume all the messages we send them?
  • How can we scale our marketing team without growing the headcount?
  • How do we identify the value of various marketing activities?
  • Are we all data driven now we have the analytics, or is there still room for decisions based on gut feel?

If you haven’t registered already I’m sorry to say you’ll be on the waitlist. Rest assured I’ll update you on the days activities here, so check back next week.

One response to SprintZero – The Physics of Agile Marketing

  1. Nicholas, thanks for jumping in at the last minute and joining us on the panel. I look forward to meeting you next week in San Francisco. Great set of questions by the way. I have some thoughts, but I’m also eager to hear what others have to say.

    Take care,