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With the release of GreenHopper 6.2.3 this week flagging of issues on the Rapid Board is now possible. This is available on both the Kanban and the Scrum boards which is very handy for those occasions where you’ve got an issue In Progress that is blocked by something.

An issue flagged on the GreenHopper Rapid Board for an Agile team

You can also use JQL to highlight these issues in their own swimlane or with a quick filter:

Flagged is not EMPTY

Flag quick filter on GreenHopper Rapid Board

If you have issues that are flagged you should be discussing these in the daily standup and the ScrumMaster should be helping alleviate these blockers. I’ve raised a story for the flagged issues to be highlighted on the Wallboard: GHS-9197 – As a ScrumMaster I would like to visualise the flagged issues on the team Wallboard.

Finally, I’ve also raised a story for the ability to flag issues via the Operations dialog (the ‘.’ dialog): GHS-9196 – As a keyboard shortcut user I would like to be able to flag from the operations dialog.

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Quick notes for those Visualising Epics and Dependencies in JIRA with GreenHopper and JQL Tricks.

Script Runner for JQL Functions

We have stopped using JQL Tricks for visualising the blockers. The queries took too long on a large instance so we switch to an alternative method, the Script Runner issueFunction.

For example, we now use issueFunction in linkedIssuesOf(“project = XYZ and issuetype = Epic and fixVersion = \”2013-Q2\””, blocks) to show teams that are dependent upon our team.

GreenHopper Epic Status & Workflow

The Epic Status field has three values: To Do, In Progress, Done. There is no automation around this so we have linked it up with existing workflow transitions to ease maintenance.

For example, if you are using Epic Status for reporting you don’t want to have to a) resolve the issue, and b) mark it as Done on the Agile board. More on this in the documentation.

So, we’ve now got the following transitions:


GreenHopper - Set Epic Status upon Resolve


Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 8.16.08 AM

I’ve just published my first course on Udemy – JIRA and GreenHopper for Agile Teams. It provides an introduction to Scrum and Kanban with the latest versions of JIRA (6.0) and GreenHopper (6.2).

If you are new to JIRA and GreenHopper and want to learn more check it out now.