Passionate about product? Join Product Bootcamp SF 2013!

September 29, 2013

Phew, October is a big month for Product people in San Francisco!

If you’ve not already got tickets to Product Bootcamp be sure to grab some today. Product Bootcamp spans October 10 – 12 and includes three great day long events.

Product Bootcamp Workshops

In this session you’ve got two amazing people sharing their experience and insight into the world of product management. Both Sean Campbell and Dan Olsen have previously presented at SF Startup Product Talks. Check out Sean Campbell on competitive intelligence and Dan Olsen on startup product management for a teaser.

Not only that you’ve got Nir Eyal on that evening at Mindjet. Nir spoke at the Agile Marketing meetup recently and he was also brilliant.

Startup Product Summit SF2

First class lineup for this event:

  • Josh Elman, ex-Twitter now partner at Greylock
  • Rich Mironov, wrote the little red book on product management
  • Teresa Torres, who writes the brilliant blog Product Talk!

Not only that you’ve got a great crew from all over the industry coming to share their experience. Can’t wait for this!

Product Camp SF

And if the workshop and summit weren’t enough you can round out the whole experience with productcamp, an unconference for product people. If you’ve never spoken publicly before this is the right place to get started, a friendly environment where people are free to vote with their feet and move to another session based on what interests them. Great fun!


So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets today!